Checking your online presence

Building an online presence can seem like a full time job, so the question has to be what the most efficient ways are to bring about improvements. If you have a website and no one can find it, then you need to know why. Simply searching like your clients is a great way to see which sites come up. If yours doesn’t then you may need some help. Luckily there are ways to quickly check your site. Below are some helpful tools that will get you started. Google Page Speed this can give helpful insights into how well your site is loading. Slow sites may be at a greater disadvantage both with customers and search engines. Simple things such as image optimisation can help alot, especially for mobile devices. For an in depth and instant site report, use are analysis tool below. Understand Your Site and Get More Clients Get a detailed report and advice on how to move your site forward Instant free report Get your detailed report on a new page and we will also email you a free PDF report We will not send you spam or share your details. We specialise in therapy sites, but are

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A free App that can help you promote your business

Brilliant free lessons on improving your web presence Even if your designer does all the work, it’s great to have an understanding of how it all works as this can influence how you develop your practice. Primer is a free, fast and easy way to learn new business and digital marketing skills. Primer works offline too, so you can take a lesson on business planning, management, sales, digital advertising, social media, content marketing, SEO, analytics, branding, and more whenever you have 5 minutes free – anytime, anywhere. You get personalized next steps after each lesson, so you can put your new skills to work right away. Get the business and marketing knowledge you need quickly and easily, and keep track of your progress to make learning new skills part of your everyday life. Click here to download the app f

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Free Images For Your Website

Get high quality free images for your site Used well photos and imagery will engage your clients. Whilst it is great if you have your own photos, especially of yourself or your clinic rooms, stock photos can really add to a site. If you are looking for images, these free sites are extremely good and require no fee or attribution. Image quality is high so you generally only need to download the medium sized files. Pexels is fully searchable and has over a million royalty free images. If you are selecting lots of images you can simplyfaviourite all the photos that you like and let your designer have access to the account

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