Hi, I’m Clive and I run Therapy Web Designs and The Matlock Therapy Centre.

I have a psychology degree and worked for many years in childrens’ residential services and with special needs children. In addition I ran two behaviour support units for a number of years. I have always developed websites in the background and have been specialising for the last 10 years in psychology, therapy and small business websites.

Our company is very excited about the impacts that a good website can have. As every therapist is unique it is helpful for us to understand your current position and goals. We can then use our experience and innovation to help you move towards what you would like to achieve.

It is an exciting time to expand your web presence and if you specialise in a particular area, we can help you promote that specifically.

Our therapy centre has been developed as a therapeutic space for psychologists and counsellors to work from. Our other area of expertise is helping therapists and psychologists create websites and online resources. We have found this to be a great mix, as we can all learn from each other and you can help clients you wouldn’t normally reach.

We are expanding our online learning, multimedia and social presence and can assist you to do the same.

If you would like to talk about what we can do, then please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

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