Building your first site

Start off simple

Building a new site doesn’t have to be complicated. At it’s most simple you could just have one page telling people what you do and how to get in touch. From there the site can develop and evolve over time with things such as new pages and resources being added to provide more value to your visitors and to promote what you do.

Decide what you are trying to achieve

It could be as simple as a one page website so people can see what you do and get in touch or you may wish to host useful resources, videos and even online courses. Remember you can always start off simple and add to it, but it is good to know what you are trying to achieve both in the long and short term.

Get a good domain name

Search here to see if your domain name is available and also do a google search to see if anything similar exists. You want something short and meaningful. Keywords like therapy or psychology may also be helpful

Planning your site

Think about what you need in your site

  • Number of website pages
  • Amount of website storage (images and videos mean more storage space)
  • Tools such as online forms, blogs, customer reviews, maps, slideshows
  • Links to or integration with social media
  • Video and/or audio players
  • Shopping cart
  • Tech support
  • Mobile device optimization (so your website looks good on mobile devices)
  • Find sites you like
  • Find images you like
  • Easy way to make content updates
  • Fast hosting good SEO
  • Resources and content
  • Online payments
  • Ways to expand in the future